After successfully registering your domain, the next step is to hunt for a hosting service provider who offers you an ideal website hosting plan for your requirement. What makes any web hosting service provider ideal? It is not just the competitive costs he offers, the Internet is filled with service providers trying to outdo each other by dropping the costs of their hosting plans, it is the amount of value they can pack in their hosting plan. A website hosting planning cannot be just about the space required to host a website, it needs to be so much more. Therefore, it is crucial that you really understand everything about how your website would be hosted. This would help you to make secure and informed choices.

Some Crucial Factors

It is not unusual for servers to go down and crash the sites. The web hosting service you choose should guarantee backup and rapid recovery in case of any kind of crash or other problem. You should make sure that email accounts, as well as FTP, are covered as well. The site loading time, as well as the site speed, are two other crucial factors, not only for user experience but also for good SE rankings. If you have got a large inventory and expect a high traffic, you are going to need a substantial bandwidth to provide your customers with expected access. Studies show that when a potential customer has to wait for a long time for images and content to download, he/she tends to move on. Therefore, choosing a reliable provider is very crucial when hosting a website. We talked about the text in this article with Mattias Kaneteg, a serial entrepreneur that has been in the Hosting industry for over 20 years!

As is the case with anything else, in website hosting service also you get according to what you pay. While it is certainly not difficult to find free hosting services, this is not without compromises. If you want flexibility and control, you need to be ready to shell out some money. The more you become liberal, the more services you get. The online world is full of website hosting service providers and there is a stiff competition going on to lure more and more customers. It is hard to differentiate between a real solid and experienced provider from a fly-by-night amateur. Thus, practice caution and talk to people who are experienced to help you find a reliable provider.

Security And Support

You definitely cannot afford to compromise the security of the financial information of your customers. The website hosting provider you choose should be able to handle firewalls, encryption of confidential data and other additional security systems that are meant to protect your business. You should also check the security certificates as they are a reassurance to customers that the personal information they share with you is safe. This is something you cannot do without. A good web hosting provider must provide you with security, a high level of maintenance and support for your website. You are going to need support from your provider from time to time.

Therefore, you should check the kind of customer support the website hosting service provider you are considering is offering. There might be times when you need some assistance in order to ensure the smooth and successful running of your website. Customer support should include both service related support as well as technical support. Ideally, the support should be available 24 X7 and you should be able to contact the support team by chat, email and telephone. Once you understand what your website’s needs are in terms of support, security and capacity, the decision to choose a particular website hosting service provider would become much easier.

Web hosting - Knowing the essentials

The Pricing Misconception

Obviously, pricing is the most important factor for many. Always remember that just because a particular company is offering hundreds of advanced features and is charging a very high amount, it does not mean that it is providing you with the best web hosting services. You may not need all the features they are offering, and in that case, you will end up paying for features that you are not using. Therefore, make sure that you get a complete return of what you are investing.